Sunday, August 06, 2006

Go Green Bay

Green Bay Rules!

Favre will take them to the superbowl this year... Ah yeah!

Monday, July 31, 2006

What the hell am i suppose to write about?

Blogging is new to me. I have read many blog's about writing blogs and they all seem to say the same thing. "write about one topic". How the hell am i suppose to do that? I mean i love sports, the world cup was the best. My problem, like so many others, is that my attention span is limited. Sure i might be into poker one day, or politics the next, but should i really write about it?

I just started a website programming blog, but that is different. I can write about things i know because i want to help others who have had similar problems when programming. But writing a blog about you or things you like, that just seems difficult.

Maybe i should write a whole blog series on how hard it is to write a blog? That doesn't seem interesting. Maybe writing a blog will be like some sort of therapy. Or maybe i will write this blog and no one will read it (the most likely).

How do you write blogs? Is it about things you like, or do? Is it about how you are or who you want to be? Do people read that? I think its time for a sharing circle!!

Well... if people do read that then perhaps i should let you in on myself just a little bit.
I am 25, male, caucasian 6'4 210 pounds who is a computer programmer and loves playing sports (up to 4 times a week currently). I tend to like watching television as well (something most people deny and yet still do!). I like to relax, but also like to be challenged. I generally take things in and learn from them and do not often react without thought. I am clean and messy, which leads me to my next point. I go through phases. I can be incredibly healthy and incredibly unhealthy. I take language classes to broaden my horizons then promptly stop if i find it becomes easier. Generally i take the difficult path if presented even with an easier one. I dont mean to, but i think i do it subconsciously.

Now to switch gears, what do you think of being 25? or 26? or 30? Are these the ages when you need to depart from a care free lifestyle and become more responsible? What do you all think, if any of you are out there? I am a university graduate, and it is really a weird position to be in. You are a student for so long, living a certain way in which you more or less set your own hours, often working an internship in which you have responsibility, but it isnt near the same kind you have when you leave for the a real job. Then next thing you know 2 years have passed and your not a student, or a grad, or a kid. You are now a full fledged adult with adult responsibilities.... well at least the ones who are not complete childish dufuses. You watch as friends of yours get married, and people ask when its your turn. People you know die or move across the world or stay in their home town and pump gas all their lives. What the hell? Man i dont even know what im talking about anymore... Im tired.

Let me know about yourself and if this is what you think a blog is or should be. I just started this bad boy on the weekend and have not had a comment. Please leave one if you visit so i know someone was here.

Ill post again this week. In the meantime i was told about this site. For those of you who like gossip go to . Its a doozy of a site.

Ill pass on weird sites i find on each post. That is my promise to you, the reader.

Anyways i gotta hit the sack.

TTYL. Albert



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